We're Act Naturally Club

Feel Better!

We want feeling better to be affordable. We use hemp every day and it has improved our lives, as well as the lives of our friends and family. It's our goal to bring the best hemp products to as many people as possible. We believe the best way to sell a product is by using it personally and making sure our friends also test our products. It makes us feel better when our customers tell us how our hemp has helped make their lives better.

Our Story

We started by making butter, baked goods, and tinctures for ourselves friends and family. I was also looking for something to help my seizures when Washington D.C. passed i71. Our sweet tincture stands out from the alcohol-based tinctures in that it doesn’t sting, and it was made to share with a friend who isn’t comfortable with alcohol. We shared it with our friends in DC and found that people really loved it! The rest is history!

Here we are!

We see a lot of our customers face to face, and we need to let you know who is really in charge. You also need to see the faces of the people trying to help everyone feel better with the power of hemp.



Founder & CEO


Molly is really in charge. She's almost 12 years old and she is our best product tester.



Vice President

If you met him you love him. He's known as Pops, but it's really Tim. Tim keeps it all moving every day.




Here's the quiet guy with the big smile. Kevin is the product creator and tester. He also keeps the books.

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Buy a tincture or a lotion. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to go to the contact page. We're here because of you, our customers.