CBD and Wrinkles = WOW!

We discovered without recommendation that Trompetol Extra works for the circles under our eyes and crows feet! Then I did a little googling and someone at the New York Times wrote about the potential for CBD in January. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/30/style/cbd-oil-beauty-cannabis-pain-relief.html. Pay no attention to the product recommendations. Here’s some more information regarding CBD and skin:

Human skin ages in two ways, intrinsically and extrinsically. Intrinsic aging occurs naturally over time and as we emerge from our teen years, the skin starts losing elasticity. Every year, it produces approximately one percent less collagen. Too little collagen causes the skin to sag. Extrinsic aging, on the other hand, is environmental: UV rays, smoking, pollution, and poor nutrition can quicken the aging process.  Fortunately, CBD is an antioxidant and its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties prevent or slow extrinsic aging. Because of this, CBD has the ability to neutralize free radicals in the environment so destructive to skin cells.  Cannabidiol can also protect the skin from DNA damage and it treats acne, all of which play important roles in preventing and slowing the development of wrinkles!

Bae Butter makes excellent coconut oil based lotions for moisturizing and pain relief. We have found a new petroleum based lotion,Trompetol Extra. Trompetol Extra hemp skin lotion with lavender is an amazing herbal skin care product to help you feel better! Lavender and peppermint, olive oil and lemon make this hemp skin lotion is going to become one of your go-to source lotions to help you feel better. Feeling better is what Act Naturally wants for all of our customers. 

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